Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sunday, August 12, 2007

We're Back!

What a wonderful trip! We really feel like we got a good look at the places and events that shaped our country; the impact of European migration on the native population, the protestant reformation and its various splits, the Revolutionary war, the Civil War, and after standing at ground zero, a reminder of the fragility of it all. We are grateful for the freedom to travel, the means to afford it and the inspiration to be derived from our forefathers and ancestors.

Ah, but I am getting sentimental...

Until next trip!

At Steve & Lori's

We spent the last two days of our vacation with Doug's childhood friend Steve Richardson, his wife Lori, his sister Anne and her kids at the Richardson's wonderful home on the Northern Neck of the Chesapeake Bay. But we still didn't hold still. We went sea kayaking, wake boarding and tubing behind his boat; "Tini", ate crabs and even drove back in to make up our missed tour of Jamestown with the whole crew. What a blast! Jamestown was well worth the trip--a fascinating archaeological dig looking at artifacts from the European settlement established 400 years ago on the site.

Williamsburg & Jamestown

We arrived in Williamsburg in the evening, checked into our very charming Inn and had a lovely dinner, then headed out for a candlelit "ghost tour". Our guide looked like a Colonel Sanders in his younger years (and with his hair down). He obviously enjoyed his job--told us all about the haunted places in town and the meaning of a few phrases (ask us about "earmarked" and "dead ringer". It was good to go back in the daylight and find the town not so scary at all and still full of Revolutionary zeal. I think we even saw George Washington himself! We planned to spend out last couple of hours at Jamestown but when we got there is was closed due to a power outage. Doesn't seem fair since Pochantas never had power.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Man of Enlightenment

Today we took a detour and followed the Skyline Drive to Monticello and saw Thomas Jefferson's house. The Skyline Drive (Shenandoah National Park)was very pretty and worth the trip. Stunning panoramic views! Thomas Jeffersons house was cool. Truly a man of enlightenment (much like me, Dougie) and the best thing about going out to see it was that we spent a lot of time in the car with a/c because its freakin' hot out here. Then we drove to Williamsburg and took a night ghost tour around the town. That was scary and very fun and interesting. Our tour guide reenacts the Civil War battles each year in July (Gettysburg) to keep sharp on his knowledge of the era. Imagine doing this is wool suits! EEk! Tomorrow we are touring the rest of Williamsburg, seeing Jamestown, and then going to the Chesapeake Bay for some R&R.

Amish Paradise

Alright. Today saw Amish Country which was very interesting. We learned about how the Amish live by a tour through an Amish house. Then we drove to Gettysburg and decided to take a battlefield tour. We chose this company, and rejected the thought of a/c, because we truly wanted to know what it was like for the soldiers. When we got there we saw a whole bunch of 1937 Indiana Jones looking trucks. The trucks were used previously in Yellowstone as tour buses. The lack of air conditioning helped us understand how it felt back in the Civil War and with no power steering it was hard to get around the corner! We owe it all to Doug!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Two in one

So yesterday we drove which is why we didn't have a post. We stayed at the Hilton. It was nice but not worth the price. That night we woke up because the TV next door was BLARING so security came and took care of that. Today we toured Philly and saw everything there was to see. Then we drove to Amish country and are staying in a bed and breakfast. We learned a lot of history today including that there must be over 2 billion Dunkin Doughnut's here!